Welcome to my Speedrun Guide

Hello everyone,


I started this page because from time to time people asked me on my stream to do a guide of my own. I hope my thoughts and knowledge about the game can give you some insight. I will edit a lot of things and details as I am doing speedruns.


There are so many details that I think are important to speedrun this game fast. It is not only choosing the right skillbuild, but also: finding the right ways, avoiding dead ends...etc.

So I will add as much information about the details, that I find important, to my runs.


If you have any specific questions / ideas / suggestions you should contact me.

Most simple way to do that is joining my stream (http://www.twitch.tv/teo1904/)


To check out the current world records on every class check out this page: http://www.speedrun.com/d2lod


I am not a webdesigner so please don't expect a masterpiece in that regard. ;)